Sunday, May 11, 2008

Taking Liberties

While watching a documentary called "Taking Liberties", at the end of it following words of Thomas Jefferson were displayed on screen. How true they are even in 21st century...
When the people fear the government
There is tyranny
When the government fears the people
There is liberty
If you get a chance, do watch this documentary.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Symantec Makes into Fortune 500

Symantec has surely and steadily entered the big league of Fortune 500 companies. From 672 in 2006, the ranking climbed to 515 last year. And this year, taking a quantum jump, Symantec has acquired the coveted 461 position. This is the first time, Symantec has made to this list. AP and CNBC have both covered the Fortune 500 list and mentioned Symantec as the new addition to the list this year.

The Fortune magazine ranks companies by 12 indices, including revenues; profits; assets; stockholders' equity; market value; profits as a percentage of revenues, assets, and stockholders' equity; earnings per share growth over a 10-year span; total return to investors in the year; and the 10-year annual rate of total return to investors. The list is valued by a number of financial groups, investors and academic and business researchers who look to these companies to learn about best practices across industries and discover the secrets to their business and financial success.

Snapshot of Symantec’s ranking in other areas:
Profits: Symantec ranks 305
Stockholder Equity: Symantec ranks 109
Total Return to Investors: Symantec ranks 352

There was also a ranking by industry and Symantec stood third (out of three companies included) on the computer software industry list. Click on to know more.


Last week the Quarterly awards were announced in Symantec Corporation. And Yes, you guessed it right :-) I have been rewarded for my dedication, efforts and pro-activeness with A++ award. This is one of the top most category of the award in Symantec. Posting some of the comments made by the management :

From My Manager:
Manodeep very quickly picked up required domain knowledge and contributed on commitments for CCS/ER. He handled part of SF stack testing for CCS and bunch of critical deliverables on Enterprise Reporter front. He thrives hard to test product in a customer like environment and hence took up an initiative to deploy and test CC in Storage Foundations Lab.

From the Management:
Manodeep very quickly picked up on CCS/ER domain knowledge after joining and delivered on commitments super-fast. He handled part of SF stack testing for CCS and bunch of critical deliverables on Enterprise Reporter front. Manodeep has shown interest and accordingly taken up additional responsibility in Agentless testing of CCS.