Friday, November 03, 2006

Life is moving smoothly these days. I have enjoyed almost a 3 weeks break from work in last month. The VoIP release was one of the lengthy, complicated but exciting product release. I spent almost 7 months with the VoIP team. During this tenure got to learn a lot, from Technology to Management. As of now I have almost 16 months of experience in IT industry. Though I am not a senior member in my current team but now my opinion does matter. I have gained all this with my dedication towards the work and ability to deliver more than the expected J . During these 16months some of my old friends quit the organization to explorer some new horizons. It was great to work with those people. Mamu aka Arvind is in Pune only working with some small group at Deccan. He was full of energy all the time. Everybody misses him a lot. Bhawna moved to delhi. She proved her decision of quitting the job without having any counter offer in hand. Within 3 weeks she was sitting on 2 offers. Now she is very well settle at Delhi. Currently on work front, Me waiting for BlackBerry Service Manager updates. They have promised me that I will be working on this new service, though not new to Unify but for Services team it is. I love to work on products from start, as One gets chance to learn a lot during its evolution, especially the things which should be avoided. This helps a lot to get complete knowledge of the domain. Coming 2 months will be full of activities. On workfront, we will be releasing different services version with additional product features, so one has to pay attention towards the changes. We will have to make sure that, these latest versions are as good as 3.0.0 in terms of quality to maintain and increase the market reputation. On the other hand, ie on personal front, I will be attending Wedding ceremonies, reception for entire month of December. To start with Yogesh is tieiing a knot with Manisha on 14th December, then will be flying to Delhi for their reception. On very next weekend Ritesh will surrender his wicket and that too in my home town. For that entire week I will be traveling from Pillar to post, but it will be fun.
I hope this smooth phase will now continue………

Monday, October 30, 2006

Diwali 2006 @ VinayakNagar

Shub Dipawali

Dadu - Ek Phool :)

AK Rocks

Diwali 2006 @ VinayakNagar - Part 2

Pathakancha Abhishek Bachhan
2 Balika :)
Sarang - Yala sagale Dhule Olakhate

Aarey Jay, Ha Besanacha Ladu Ghe Re baba
At Jay's Place
Chidaka Bibba :)
Shivaji Maharaj Pan Talwarichya jagi Chamachaa :D

RHS kadun 1-2-3 means Vinayaknagar madhale Trikute

Akshay Pathak Aka Chotta Savarkar
Pathak Kaka-Kaku
As Usual Tapori Giri

Friday, May 26, 2006

Question Them...

You can even question them at following sites:

1) The President Of Republic Of India

2) The Prime Minister Of India

3)Sonia Gandhi, UPA ChairPerson

4)Rahul Gandhi, Son Of Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi ( The Man Who Dreamed 21st Century for this nation )

A Letter to the President

Hi Friends,
We have started a Post-Card campaign to create a public awareness about the Reservation issue. We are planning to send atleast 100,000 postcards to the President of our nation asking him explanation of following Qs. The format of the card is as below. You can write down this content on the Postcard and hand-it over to me or mail it directly to the President.

Respected Sir,
As a responsible citizen, I would like to receive satisfactory answers to:
1. What is the need of hike in reservations in IITs, IIMs & AIIMS?
2. How can increasing the number of seats be the ultimate solution?
3. What is the government policy to keep a check on malpractices?
4. How can a generalized CASTE-BASED reservation system ensure benefit of the needy?
5. What is the reason of not revising reservation policies with changing social scenario?

Thank you.

Address Of President,
Mr. A.P.J Kalam,
President Of India,
Rasthapathi Bhavan,
New Delhi, India

Please ask your family members, friends, colleagues to mail.

Anti - Reservation Protest Rally, Pune

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Reservations - A Political Game

Indian National Leaders and Political Parities works for the empowerment of the Society. They want every Indian to rise above their current state; it may be Social or Financial. While thinking about something, implementing those things and speaking in front of people and media they think twice and consider all the implications of their words, actions. They don’t know what VOTE-BANK Politics is. From their point of view all Indians are equal, should have equal stake in power at home, in panchayat. They want women to share their load, to drive the nation.

Now you must be wondering, am I gone Mad, what bull-shit I am talking. Where on the earth the Indian National Leaders with above mention characteristics exist. No I am not talking of our current ******* Indian National (?) Leaders. This is the description of Indian National Leaders of Year 2020. J And we will have such leaders; they will rise from the youths who are protesting against the Reservation Policy today. May be it will be one of us, might be me or you. The reason is that, we know what we want and is the need of this nation. Not necessary that we should be aware of all the things at this stage but then we can learn the things as we will progress.

Mandal-2 for the social empowerment of Backward Classes ( it’s the great irony that Indian Government and Politicians still use this term, one should ask them what the hell they were doing in last 60 years. ) . They think that by providing additional reservation to these cast groups will wipe out all the social differences those were there from so many years. Instead of nourishing the roots of Indian Social Tree, they are just cleaning the leaves to make the tree look brighter but these actions are damaging the tree internally and if this continues then one day it will collapse and tress are not like Phoenix, who can rises from ashes. Wake you damn fools… don’t make our lives miserable

The way they are planning to implement the Reservation policy, one can immediately sense the smell of VOTE-BANK politics. The new reservation policy will be applicable to all IITs, IIMs, Medical Colleges, Central Universities but not to the minority institutes. This explains everything. If they want to give more opportunities to the OBCs and other casts, then why to implement the reservation in only few institutes and not in minorities colleges. Simply because they knew that if they touch these institutes, they will lose the Minority Votes. Or do they think that these institutes do not provide that quality education which government wants OBCs and others to seek.

Can this government explain few things? If they really wants Social Empowerment of each section of the society then why government is not implementing 33% Women Quota for LS and RS? Did they forget that a woman, who can manage the home irrespective of its condition, can really improve the state of this nation? This is all the political game, wake up friends….

When it comes to share their profit, they are unwilling to do so. Forget about the 33% reservation, this politicians show their real face when it comes to changing the Reservation for the constituency they are representing. An OBC politician protest against opening the seat for Open category or for the SC and same applies to others too. This means that, they wants others to become victims of these policies but when it comes to their door-step they simply back offs. I don’t understand why these all politicians in their 70’s and 80’s wants to decided to faith of we youngsters who will represent this Great Nation in 21st century. I am damn sure, these politicians don’t even know that whether they will see the Sun-rise next day or will die in sleep. This is might be a bold statement or wrong to say something about the elderly person ( only with the age ) but I can’t control my feelings.

Now they are saying that we will increase the number of seats so that it will help the students from General Category. But this is not going to work out. Most of us do not know how the quota systems work. Here is the explanation, consider that there are 3 seats available in Comp.Science, 1 in General Category and 2 for OBCs.
Student 1 99.45% OBC
Student 2 99% OPEN
Student 3 97% OBC.
Student 4 95% Now in this case Student 2, who belong to the General Category will not get admission in IIM, as the Student 1 will get that seat based on the MERIT and Students 3 and 4 will get admissions based on the CAST. Now this will work same even in case of more number of seats. Instead of getting good students ( and that too irrespective of their CAST or any social background) , these institutes will be flooded with the students who may be good but no where near to survive the expectations and educational standards followed in such high quality schools.

These politicians say that we need to empower people from so called lower communities and that’s why we are providing them the reservation. The truth is that, they don’t want those people to get merge in main stream community just for the sake of Votes. If these people will get merge into the main stream then on what basis they will demand votes. Instead of avoiding the discussion and dividing the people based on their cast, they always make it the point of focus. Here, I will give one example of Late Mr. K R Narayanan our ex-president. The Indian politicians and media always addressed them as the Dalit President of the nation and not simply the President of the nation. They were always make it the point that he was dalit, belonging to the lower community and by making him as the president they have done some great work. Shame on these so called leaders…

Please do protest against this propose the reservation quota, this is one step towards ruining the future of this nation…. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

December Baby

---------------DECEMBER BABY ---------------
This straight-up means ur the most good-looking
person possible... better than all of these other months! Loyal and generous. Patriotic. Competitive in everything. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Easy to talk to, though hard to understand. Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Has that someone always on his/her mind. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. one guy/girl kind of person. Loveable. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. loves music. pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Sensitive.

{ I think whatever said above is applicable to me }

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Life Is Changing...

Lots of changes are happening in this week at personal as well as professional level. Some of them were unexpected.

There is one bad news, from now onwards I have to use Spects ( -1 Spherical ) . From last few months I was not comfortable while working as well as watching TV. I was avoiding the check-up from Eye specialist, thinking that it must be coz of stress and restlessness. But when the trouble got increased, finally I visited the Doc and he recommended spectacles for both eyes. Now I will use them regularly to get rid of them in long term. I am bit confuse, whether to opt for Spects or Contact Lenses. If u are wearing Spects then there comes selecting a good quality ( and good looking J ) frame and then Good glasses. Any suggestion on this…

At the work front, I will now become a part of bigger team and role will also get change to some extent. All this is new to most of us, but it will be a great learning experience. It’s really good to be a part of this transition. I am already working in a different setup of Organizational setup which very few IT companies follow. Now, as I have to work in a new Organizational Structure, and I know that I am in position to adopt this change, in long run it will definitely help. Within next few days will move to new Building, will start working from new Carrel. It will take some time to adjust there, but I hope it will not a big deal, coz what matters at the End Of Day is How I perform?, irrespective of where I am sitting.

Car Driving....

Finally I joined the Car Driving Class. Now don’t start imaging that “Manodeep is going to buy a car”, no its not listed in my 6 months planner. Its just one should know how to drive a Car and have license for the same. Me and Yogesh were planning for it from last 3 months, but when Yogi bought the Car last week ( actually his father bought it, but will that make any difference ;) ) then it became necessary for him to learn, and I too joined him. The progress is Ok, from very first day we started driving instead spending time in Classroom sessions, and we are doing well. Within next one month we both will be Masters.

I yet to get learning license, so driving safe and slow now :).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last Party Of Cricket Season

Yesterday night we had a last Cricket Party of the season. It was fun having a get together at the end of season. Rajesh Das aka Harsh Bhogale of Ensim, was in full form. He came up with a sort of review of everybody’s performance in the last season, mostly stressing on Positive things and pin pointing where they lack. His wording was bit difficult for we to understand as it wasn’t meant for people like us who’s vocabulary is restricted to not more than 2000 words. But it was really nice to hear the Punch lines and comments. Watching RD performing on the field and listening him off-the-field is really a fun.

“By all standards this years Team Ensim is the best team in Ensim’s cricket history”, said the Founders of Ensim Cricket Team. At very first year there were only 7 players in the team and they were playing not with the stitched ball but with an ordinary Tennis ball. And this year, there were more than 15 regular players and we spent around 60,000. Though we haven’t won any tourney in this season, but we were in the Semifinals and overall it was a good performance.

Next season will be more planned, for which work will start from now only. The toughest thing is to remain fit for the entire season, for which most of the team members are planning to join Health –club, that way we will be in position to avoid the muscular strain, a common problem faced by most of us in this season. If one is physically fit, then his performance will definitely gets improve. Mental fitness is not a problem for we guys, otherwise how can people who are in there 30’s still coming regularly in nets, performing on the field and setting example for youngsters. Most of us have that passion for playing cricket and winning matches and that will not die with the growing age.

We have set some targets for next season. Some personal and some as a Team. You can expect at least one Century by an Ensimite and good bowling figures. Next year we will like to bring Trophy to our premises. There will be some new faces in team and a healthy competition for getting a berth in the squad.

Lets go on improving the standards!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Love ???

Two days back, one of my friends asked me whether I have a girlfriend??? This question has been asked many times. People who ask me this question always got surprised by the answer they get.

I have very simple funda in life, there is nothing called “Pahali Nazar Ka Pyaar”. Before you love some one in that sense, you must be aware of her likes/dislikes, hobbies, views on different things. Now one might say that, this is not the way to fall (? Why people use this word, If you love some one then, Instead of FALLING, one should RISE J ) in love, that you can’t planned things like this. Then my answer is this is not planning. I mean irrespective of the answers you get for these questions, what matter is whether the person is honest in answering this questions and in relationships.

Few days back two of my class mates got engaged. I was aware of the fact that they have a special bonding from very the first day I met them. They are made for each other. Now all of us are waiting for their marriage, where there will be lot more fun.

I will definitely like a friend turning into a life partner. Cause according to me, when you care for someone then and then only you can love her. Sometime back one told me that, If I propose someone who knows me, that lucky girl will definitely say “YES”. But then if I am that good, then let her come in search of her soul mate, I am waiting for her, and I will wait… J

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Year Of Success

A Year Of Success

Date : April 4, 2005
Venue : PVG’s COET Conference Hall
Event : VOTE-INDIA Press Conference
Inventors : Manodeep Sisodiya
Abhishek Bhalerao
Rajesh Baravkar

What a memorable day it was for me. Finally we were presenting the way to change Indian Election System in turn which will bring political change in country. That was the first press conference which I had attended, and we were addressing the people. Initially there were only few faces, but then as we started our presentation, suddenly within next 20 min.s Reporters, media persons started gathering some of them even not invited ( actually we hadn’t invited the, thinking why would they spend their valuable time for an idea presented by last yr engg. Grads ) But the response was really good.

And as on 5th , the news of VOTE-INDIA started flashing in newspapers like TOI, Sakal and on Each and every news channel of the country like NDTV, Zee News, CNBC and Sone pe Suhaga”BBC World” J . In that week, I received calls from friends with whom I was not in touch for last 4-5 years. It was like Dream Come True.

My father always used to tell us “Kahi Tari Bhavy-Divy Karun Dakhavaa!!! ”( Do something really Big/great? ) . On the second day, papa told me, “Manodeep, you did it”. That was the moment I was waiting for in my life. For me the happiness, a proud of being parents of me which I saw on their face is much more important than whether we get the patent for VOTE-INDIA or not.

I still have those mails, greetings people sent me whom I never met and might not meet in the future. Bhau’s colleagues in Sun Microsystem mailed me, congratulating about the developing such a novel concept. One of my junior’s parents sent a greeting card wishing us a successful career. These things are really special for me.

Date : April 4, 2006

Today, I am working with Ensim Corporation, in a domain where I was dreaming to work. Luckily, Abhishek also got the opportunity to do the things which he wanted to do.

And now we are in final stage of getting intellectual property rights for VOTE INDIA. Things are not so easy at this stage as per as the legal battle is considered but still those not impossible too. It is our dream to have such system implemented in India, and we will try our best for that.

Lets hope for the best…….

PS: In Aug – 04, One well known fortune teller told me that, next 2 years will be difficult for me on educationally as well as financially. And if he is right, then one can expect something really great in coming years ;)

VOTE-INDIA Press Coverage

Sunday, January 01, 2006