Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend hangover continues….

Why can’t we have Tuesday after Sunday? I hate those typical Monday in office & today its one of them.

On Saturday, I attended my friends wedding whom I met during my college life. Kulesh and Pooja know each other from KG, and that they graduated in the RelationshipJ. It was a whole lot of fun, few other batch mates were also there and as usual to follow the tradition of giving shocks, Gaurav announce his engagement plans with Laxmi, his colleague at HSBC. Though I knew that, they are going around from last one year, engagement news as a surprised. Ek aur Shahid Ho Gaya :D

To mark the moment, we decided to had a dinner at “Sadanand” (Bad choice Yogi ;) ). First it was the Service and Drinks which ruin the mood and then at the end of party, Shweta’s behavior was next to impossible. She made others to wrap the party. If she had to reach home early, then she should have told before deciding the party timings. Anyways….
On the other end, Sadanand Bartender needs some training on “How to prepare drinks?” . I know that, its not the perfect place to try out cocktails but meri mati mari gayi thi. I ordered Tequila Sunrise which was pathetic; I never had anything like that before. So to cover it up, decided to go for Pina Colada and not to surprise it belong to the same category. Later to get some pleasure of drink, I ordered Pineapple Juice (Plain), isn’t it sad? Now I have decided never to land up at Sadanand, may whatever reviews they get or changes they make.

Monday : 10 AM
Pritu called up to remind me about the Scanning of Wedding cards and to know the update on English Wedding cards. This weekend I was supposed to visit the shop at ABC to finalize the format and order for 100 cards. But the entire schedule was so packed, I simply couldn’t make it. She was upset with that and I shouted on her L . After all it was my mistake; I should have done that on time. Now need to do something in 2 days, either the proper hard copies or to prepare a Well written invitation card in a soft format.

10.30 AM
Time to get ready for office, and as usual No water to bath. I hate this, how one can forget to turn off the pipe. There are whole lot of meetings/toi sessions to attend today & I don’t want to get late for it.

11.15 AM
Finally the shower is running again. Need to hurry up, so drop the shaving plan. ;)

11.45 AM
Thanks a lot to PMC and Pune Traffic. When will I get clear road to office? To travel 2 kms, waiting from last 15mins and seems like will have to wait more. L Lets hope, nothing is blocking cause of my absence.

12.30 PM
Late for the first meeting of the day. Now forget the cup of tea and enter Barberry. Sorry guys, was stuck in traffic.
( Guys & Manager : That’s ok. ( Kyu fek raha hai ;) ) )

3.00 PM
Can I go to dormitory and catch a nap? The lunch was too heavy, but then I can't stop my self from eating the sweets. I think, I will have a cup of tea as there is one more TOI to attend. God Help Me.

6.15 PM
Now one last call to Mandar, update him on the happening, but then what I should tell him? :D

6.30 PM

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Right to Live

Today I was watching a TV program called ‘Hindushtan Mein Taliban”, usually I skip those TV discussions on such topics. But today it caught my attention when I heard some weird explanation from those Pundits of Society, pandits and mullahs about a marriage of Priyanka and Umar. There problem is that, a Hindu girl married to a Muslim boy. What the hell they have to do with a marriage of two human beings? Who gave them right of advocating their opinions, their understanding of religion on masses?

For me, Marriage is a beautiful relationship between a male and female. It’s the point where we enter into a new dimension of life. At this point and in future what matters is they are always there for each other in good moments and bad, they should travel all those ups and downs of life by holding each other hand, supporting each other.

What right, we have to question someone’s relationship or marriage? The representative from a so called Bhagava Dal from Bhopal and one Mullah were talking about the negative impact of their marriage on Society. May I question them about one basic thing – What’s the basic ingredient of society? An individual human being. Now if these people tried to dictate, how an individual should live, whom he should marry, then I think they are hampering the society rather than making it more cultural and strong. If an individual is not happy in a society, how the society will be prospering?

A short story to explain the mentality of a society:
There was a boy, who loved someone from a so called lower class. Both them wanted to get married, but in a boy’s family it was his grandfather who’s decision everybody used to follow.
When the boy told his grandpa, that he is in love with some one and wanted to tie a knot with her, His grandfather re-questioned him, “Who the hell you are to love some one, what’s your age? Look at me, its been 50 years since I married to your grandma, and I haven’t Love her?”

This story very well explains the mentality of our male dominated society who always wants our better halves to take back seat. Why can’t we treat them with equality? Who we are to force rules on them, that whether they should use the mobile phones or not? If someone wants to change his/her religion, as long as it is by will of an individual, we should not bother about.

Even after following the rules and regulations of this nation, If my society is not going to give me Right to live, Right to speech then do hell with such society :x

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mark This Day!!!

From last few days, I am thinking & charting out my future plans. Today I walked few steps towards one of my goal. Before clicking on “Finish” button, I was bit shaky about the plans, but then made up my mind and decided to go for it and give my best shot to it. This is my only chance to get out of current messy situation in life.

No matter what comes to my way,
I am gonna travel that highway….

Friday, April 06, 2007

Life at Symantec - Part 2

Things are now pretty settled down here. Aprup of different facilities available in Campus is now over, it’s all now a part of routine. Last month we developed rather extended one existing Defect Metrics Tool as per the latest requirement of the management. Prasad played very major role in the same, right from understanding the things, bringing them under one roof and most importantly adding codes for the new reports. On the other hand, I was fighting two different battles, had to catch with Testing cycles, setups, Lab management and the tool development. I think I haven’t given 100% justice to my second task. All I did was creating the WebPages, adding the content/links/urls in the same and helping out Prasad in some DB related things. This guy is amazing when it comes to coding. Fresh out of college, still posses the zeal for the coding, but sometime he shows the typical characteristics of Fresher like I used to behave at Ensim. <>

On the recreation front, I now moved from Pool to Foosball. What a game it is, one needs to concentrate on others movement, from where the ball is coming and where to hit it back. First time when I saw Foosball in TV serial called Friends, I thought may be one more table game. But its far more than that, and in our DCMG group there are some real maestro of it. In Last few days we have defeated almost each one of them and now we belong to the Elite Group of Foosball player in Baner Campus. Earlier opponents used to play casually imagining that Bacche hai, ek do hits marenge, but now they geared up with that extra caution while playing with us. I love to see that tense face of an attacker, who tries hard to find loopholes in my defense and each time, fails to deliver and then on my pass Prasad hits is so hard that and with an angle, end result is one more Goal making noise as Tang… We are taking this game very seriously as it is our ticket to the US for playing DCMG Foosball WC.

Next year we will be playing in Mountain View for sure…

Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Age Shyaari.....

If someone would have asked me a month ago that, Do you like Shyaari and composing the same, am sure will have shown him the way to Yerwada :) . But then my friend, Fazeel started changing his Orkut name as a first line of well know sher, as i was trying to make fun of that line, born a New Age Shyaar :D
I thought, i should share some them with everyone and so here are those,


Anjana Sa Kyu Hai Yeh Intezaar,
Jani Pahechani si Hai Yeh Bahar…

Kya ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Ab Pyaar,
Karat Huin Mein Bas Unka Intezaar…


Umeed pe Duniya kayam hai,
Us Umeed ko Fhas na Kahana,

Yahi Umeed Kisi Din Phoola ka Har Banegi,
Yahi Umeed Kisi ki Najuk Kalayiko Har Banegi...


Jam aikele mein wo pite hai,
jo gam mein dube rahate hai...
Hum to un dosto ki Mahafile Sajata hai,
Jo hume Jaan aur Jam se bhi jyaada Pyaar Karte hai...


Do let me know your feedback on the same. And stay tune for many more....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chocolate Story....

Chocolates, the magical word, isn’t it J ? In whichever format we faced it, its always brings the smile on face and taste buds start dreaming of a delicious treat. I think it’s difficult to find someone who hates Chocolates. Everybody likes them, some like its milky taste, some with that extra sugar. What I prefer is a Dark chocolate with just a pinch of sweetness added to it.
In my school days, the kind of chocolates we used to eat where pretty simple one with lots of sugar contents. One of the favorite was Rawalgaon chocolate, costing 25 paise and tasting like a sugar candy. Then after few years came the “Melody”, it was the first time in my life, I tasted the bitter chocolate, and sooner it became everyone’s darling. Those days it was difficult to have them frequently, cause 1Rs per day on chocolate was bit heavy on my Papa’s pocketJ. Then few years passed with no new addition, and one day it all began. Bhau came back from his first US visit and brought almost FEW KGs of chocolates, all of them having different taste, different ingredients. At that time I realize the real meaning of that Playschool song,

Chanderi, Soneri Chamchamata Changala,
Asava Sundar Chocolate cha bungala….

And now a days I can have taste any of them, buy any of them. Few months back Pritu sent another lot which is lasting till date, in fact I am writing this while eating those mouth watering Ferrero Rochers and Hershey’s. I waiting for my next lot of different chocolates which I will be getting in couple of days… If you wanna try them, give me a call after 2-3 weeks. :)