Tuesday, September 23, 2008


After completing one more assignment by 1AM, I decided to watch some movies. And What a Decision it turn out to be....

I watched 2 movies back to back, both of them related to "American Football" based on real stories.
- Radio
- Rudy

If you get a chance to watch these, Please do watch them.

Humanity, Dedication & Consistent Efforts...

This is the reason I am bias towards Hollywood movies, they can make movies about small cities real life stories without changing a bit of it to add spice and twist.


Taking too many risks

I think I have taken too many risks this year with my personal life. I am still optimistic that, everything and I mean everything will fall in place as per the plan. But the assurance level is getting low day by day.

My personal life looks like a NY Stock Market, which after reaching on high, came down heavily. It still has the potential to reach high, but needs a bail out plan. Two important people in my life holds the key for that.

Lets hope it will work out. Otherwise I have no other option but to face it

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't know why

but i experienced the sadness after reading about Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch's fall. No one can deny the fact that, these US Ecomonical houses always played an important role in World Economy and that of Indian Economy and Stock market too.

I think this weekend, I will visit Wall Street and Offices of these two big financial houses. Hopefully their logo will be still there on the building.