Thursday, May 25, 2006

Reservations - A Political Game

Indian National Leaders and Political Parities works for the empowerment of the Society. They want every Indian to rise above their current state; it may be Social or Financial. While thinking about something, implementing those things and speaking in front of people and media they think twice and consider all the implications of their words, actions. They don’t know what VOTE-BANK Politics is. From their point of view all Indians are equal, should have equal stake in power at home, in panchayat. They want women to share their load, to drive the nation.

Now you must be wondering, am I gone Mad, what bull-shit I am talking. Where on the earth the Indian National Leaders with above mention characteristics exist. No I am not talking of our current ******* Indian National (?) Leaders. This is the description of Indian National Leaders of Year 2020. J And we will have such leaders; they will rise from the youths who are protesting against the Reservation Policy today. May be it will be one of us, might be me or you. The reason is that, we know what we want and is the need of this nation. Not necessary that we should be aware of all the things at this stage but then we can learn the things as we will progress.

Mandal-2 for the social empowerment of Backward Classes ( it’s the great irony that Indian Government and Politicians still use this term, one should ask them what the hell they were doing in last 60 years. ) . They think that by providing additional reservation to these cast groups will wipe out all the social differences those were there from so many years. Instead of nourishing the roots of Indian Social Tree, they are just cleaning the leaves to make the tree look brighter but these actions are damaging the tree internally and if this continues then one day it will collapse and tress are not like Phoenix, who can rises from ashes. Wake you damn fools… don’t make our lives miserable

The way they are planning to implement the Reservation policy, one can immediately sense the smell of VOTE-BANK politics. The new reservation policy will be applicable to all IITs, IIMs, Medical Colleges, Central Universities but not to the minority institutes. This explains everything. If they want to give more opportunities to the OBCs and other casts, then why to implement the reservation in only few institutes and not in minorities colleges. Simply because they knew that if they touch these institutes, they will lose the Minority Votes. Or do they think that these institutes do not provide that quality education which government wants OBCs and others to seek.

Can this government explain few things? If they really wants Social Empowerment of each section of the society then why government is not implementing 33% Women Quota for LS and RS? Did they forget that a woman, who can manage the home irrespective of its condition, can really improve the state of this nation? This is all the political game, wake up friends….

When it comes to share their profit, they are unwilling to do so. Forget about the 33% reservation, this politicians show their real face when it comes to changing the Reservation for the constituency they are representing. An OBC politician protest against opening the seat for Open category or for the SC and same applies to others too. This means that, they wants others to become victims of these policies but when it comes to their door-step they simply back offs. I don’t understand why these all politicians in their 70’s and 80’s wants to decided to faith of we youngsters who will represent this Great Nation in 21st century. I am damn sure, these politicians don’t even know that whether they will see the Sun-rise next day or will die in sleep. This is might be a bold statement or wrong to say something about the elderly person ( only with the age ) but I can’t control my feelings.

Now they are saying that we will increase the number of seats so that it will help the students from General Category. But this is not going to work out. Most of us do not know how the quota systems work. Here is the explanation, consider that there are 3 seats available in Comp.Science, 1 in General Category and 2 for OBCs.
Student 1 99.45% OBC
Student 2 99% OPEN
Student 3 97% OBC.
Student 4 95% Now in this case Student 2, who belong to the General Category will not get admission in IIM, as the Student 1 will get that seat based on the MERIT and Students 3 and 4 will get admissions based on the CAST. Now this will work same even in case of more number of seats. Instead of getting good students ( and that too irrespective of their CAST or any social background) , these institutes will be flooded with the students who may be good but no where near to survive the expectations and educational standards followed in such high quality schools.

These politicians say that we need to empower people from so called lower communities and that’s why we are providing them the reservation. The truth is that, they don’t want those people to get merge in main stream community just for the sake of Votes. If these people will get merge into the main stream then on what basis they will demand votes. Instead of avoiding the discussion and dividing the people based on their cast, they always make it the point of focus. Here, I will give one example of Late Mr. K R Narayanan our ex-president. The Indian politicians and media always addressed them as the Dalit President of the nation and not simply the President of the nation. They were always make it the point that he was dalit, belonging to the lower community and by making him as the president they have done some great work. Shame on these so called leaders…

Please do protest against this propose the reservation quota, this is one step towards ruining the future of this nation…. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

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camelpost said...

One way out for this government which got into the reservation mess is to start one IIT. one IIM, one AIIMS and name them RIIT,RIIM,RAIIMS and you know R stands for RESERVED. Only these 3 institutions will get students and that too all reserved I mean 100%. All other institutions will be freed from Reservation Chakar Vyug. Further, Government must ensure that faculty and staff in these RIIT, RIIM and RAIIMS are strictly from Reserved Category drawn from SC ST Backward, Other Backward and whatever vote Bank government deems fit. If required Government can start special companies called RXYZ which will exclusively go for placement to RIIT,RIIM and RAIIMS and recruit them.

The above solution will appease both the pro quota and anti quota segments. Whoever told Knowledge is Power Supreme is Wrong and whoever says Caste is Power supreme is Right.