Wednesday, November 07, 2007



महाराष्टाच्या अंधारात,
मातीच्या पणतीचा प्रकाश उजळू दे !!!
अनं या वेळी घेतलेल्या लाईटींगला,
पुढल्या वर्षीतरी झगमगू दे !!!

.... mannu

This one is dedicated to the :- 1) Maharashtra State Goverment 2) Chief Minister Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh 3) Electricity Department Minister Mr. Dilip Valse Patil and finally the Great "Maharashtra State Electricity Department" for their excellent planning and current state of Abundant power supply to each and every small village, city in the entire state.

Your excellent planning and decision making abilities from last 10 yrs brought the entire industrial units and all the natives of this state to the Age of Darkness. I feel sorry that, we don't have system of honoring the worst state and its statesmen else there would have been no conflict on declaring the award to you and your department. Thanks a lot Sir !!!

{ It's the festive time, else I wouldn't have hesitated to post the comments which I heard during last few days from different class of the society about you and your goverment }


Abhishek Kulkarni said...
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Abhishek Kulkarni said...

Maharashtrache CM Vilasrao DESHMUKH aahet re