Sunday, December 30, 2007

Adios - 2007

2007 – A year will end in two days. I witnessed as well as became a part of many changes in my and my closer ones lives. I think this is one particular year which will remain there in back of my mind.

This 25th year of my life gave me more success than ever before in professional life. On very first day of 2007, I became a part of world’s 5 largest software company Symantec Corporation. It was a big leap in career after starting with a 5yr old startup. The experience and knowledge which I gain in Ensim, helped me to make this jump successful in all context. The professional life is going great, got a chance to work on a different product domain, Unix platform and mainly a whole new bunch of intelligent but equally friendly bunch of people. The past trend of rewarding my contribution continued in Symantec as well, with getting 2 whopping raises in a yr and my first ever promotion in career :-) . The professional path for 2008 is pretty much clearer in my mind, there are some road-blocks in it which I need to pass thro’ safely.

Its personal life which went under lots of turmoil, one of the most difficult times in everyone’s life is when their professional and personal life starts crossing the lines. This creates clashes in life, clashes with your parents, siblings and friends. If I can overcome on all this, I will be the real winner. I am aware of the fact that, sometimes you need to make Adjustments as per your love one’s wishes, you can’t completely ignore and negate their thoughts and expectations. If by doing so, I will be successful in my professional and personal path, I will be fooling none other than myself.

I always set some short term goals to reach to the ultimate target. Now at this point of time in life, one the ladder to this target is at stake. I am worried not about this missing ladder, its about the fact that, I need to re-write the entire plan and it will take some time. Success is there for sure, it can’t ditch me.

Wish You All A Happy, Prosperous & Wonderful New Year!!!


Dagny said...

All the best for new year.
Like I said, no matter what .... Walk-on!
And success will be yours.
keep the faith

Manodeep said...

Thanks Buddy, Meine post kiya nahi and first comment aa gaya :)