Friday, March 28, 2008


Today, i received my first reject. :- Before applying there, I knew that, I am getting too ambitious for that position. My qualifications are just below to their standards, but if Luck would played it's role, I would have make 100% of it.

A dear friend called me immediately after hearing the news and played the role of mentor. A year back, I was in that role, asking her to keep her hopes high :-) .

I was just settling down with this shock and then another friend called up to inform that His new born son is no more :-(. I am still trying to overcome from this second shock. I have seen that couple, struggling their way to get married, to get settle down. And when everything fall in place, their wait for 1st child came to tragic end. I really don't know, in what words I should be ask him to get over and move on. This rose is for that past soul. May he rest in peace.....

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