Monday, June 08, 2009


We all dream for better future, we all plan things to achieve those dreams. On the personal front, sometimes I cross the line and enter the zone of day-dreams. Over last one year, some of my plans/expectations never succeeded due to the reasons beyond my control. And now as I am close enough to complete my masters, there are little hopes of getting a good job in this economy.

Me and my fellow classmates discussed a lot and tried to find out whether there is something wrong in our planning, or with our capabilities. I thought, may be I over-dream or expected more than what I can achieve (may be first time in my life). I got the answer for this question during a bus trip to my apartment from college.

At Marketplace mall, a young African American lady in her late 20's enter in the bus and sat next to my classmate. She started talking with him in loud pitch, laughing and passing comments about things. I was sitting on the front sit reading a novel and was equally got annoyed like rest others in the bus as she was the only person talking in the bus. My classmate is an introvert guy, so he was responding to all of her questions with either yes or no. She told about herself, about her work, about "how the Mexican food in Texas is far tastier than in upstate NY" and all such things. I was trying to ignore her and her conversation with him. Suddenly out of nowhere she asked him, have you ever visited Paris? My classmate responded with simple No and she started telling about her dream of visiting Paris and all. When he asked her, how many other countries she has visited in past. Her answer was, she has not been to any other states than Texas and NY in her entire lifetime. In fact she told him that, she has not even reached to Niagara fall which is barely 60miles from Rochester. But still she plans to visit Paris one day and that before going there she will learn French which will help her roaming in Paris.

And our bus stop arrived. With a simple "have a good day" words, we got down. At that moment I realized, I got the answer. There is nothing wrong in Dreaming.... May be I am expecting things to turn my way too early than they should be. A person who was not visited a place 60 miles from her current location, dreams to visit a city located more than 3600 miles away in her life time. She believes in herself, taking efforts to make that dream true. That 10 minutes bus trip inspired me. Consistent efforts to achieve my goals will surely turn things around me for sure.... I owe a word of thanks to that lady. I truly wish to god, let her dream come true, She deserves it!!!


Dagny said...

Very nice and inspiring post..... perfect read for a person like me on a Monday morning :)

Bhawna Gupta said...

I kind of like such chatty people, imagine how lonely she is that she felt like telling such a personal dream to just anyone she met on the bus.

On your introspection, I think Mandy, it is ultimately our dreams that make us who we are. So keep dreaming, you never know, when God comes in and feels like answering them all. And as far as the job goes, I am sure a capable person and professional like you will land at the best possible place. It might not come right away, but I sniff the economy is coming on track again, and that I am sure there is a greener patch right on the next turn.

Be good, and take care.