Saturday, October 03, 2009

Moving Ahead

I have received a job offer (which I will say a good offer) and I am going to take it. In this economy the priority should be to start working. It's important to move ahead and start building upon what is in hand than to wait for something better.

The most interesting part is, now Priya and I can start living together as a family. We both are excited and looking forward to setup our home which will be from scratch. There is small edge of financial woos, but together We Will Tackle it. I will share the pics and more news about our home in coming weeks.

Upcoming months have some fun-fill events lined up, hopefully we will get to enjoy all of them. To name a few,
1. Diwali
2. (probably) A Lavish wedding in Gujarat at inlaw's place
3. 1st Wedding Anniversary
4. Nilesh will be in India around end of the year. And we are planning for a tour either to Rajasthan or to Andamaan.

Stay tune...

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Priyatama said...

who is getting married in Gujrat?