Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life At Symantec , When I saw this URL on my Orkut profile page, it took sometime for me to retrieve those old memories. It’s been months since I updated the blog regularly rather I should say, it’s been months since I gave a way to my feelings to express them. For me this page is the best friend, where I can write all my thoughts, comments on political-social situations. Some of my friends told me, it’s a stupidity to have an open diary, where anybody can come and sniff in. But then I am writing it here for my own sake. It is always better to give a way to one’s feeling. As I don’t have “Someone Special” to talk all the non-sense, it’s better to write it down.(Aani asa hi, after hearing me for hours, that someone special will also run away ;) )

From the day I joined Symantec, life is completely different. On work front, this change has made a big impact. Storage is the completely new domain to me, so as the multi platform system. In first 15 days itself, they assigned me the task of automating the TCs in their own designed framework. Initially it took me sometime to understand the framework and the part which WAS to be automated, but as you must have noticed was, in last sentence. Today only I have completed all the automation work for the assigned modules. I can bet, my team members wouldn’t have expected to get it done so soon. J . Now there are many more things in the pipeline, like, new releases, TCs updation, Setup preparation coming months at the work front will be like same old days. But good for me, I loved to have such work pressure.

Now after reading this one must be thinking, Keep Safe Distance from Symantec, but that’s not the case. It has got real Recreation facilities at work, though not like that @ Infy Mysoor Campus, but these are much better than that were at Ensim. After joining Symantec, One of my oldest dreams got fulfilled, To learn Pool. We have a pool table in office and so many good players who are always ready to play with novices like me and to teach how to play it properly. On that front also, I completed the basic training and 2 days back, I defeated one of my team mate, who is good at Pool. Good start for me….

More about my Symi life…. Break ke baad ;)

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