Tuesday, March 13, 2007

October Sky - A Must Watch

October Sky… A movie which is based on a true story. It’s a story of innovation, story of aiming something real big, and story of falling and rising again in achieving the same. A story of 4 boys who were inspired by the world’s first satellite “Sputnik”, boys believed that they can build a rocket too. It’s about a Teacher, who guided them, inspired them, To Dream and to dream big. It’s about a father, who always believed that, Coal Mining is the best thing and building rockets is pure non-sense. But at the end he presses the button to ignite the Big Leap of his son’s life.
This movie is pretty old one and based on the true story of Mr. Homer and his 3 friends belonging to the small town called Coalwood in West Virginia. It was about in 60’s when first man-made satellite started revolving around the mother earth. Homer and his friends inspired by that and thought of learning and building the Rocket on their own, with all the available resources. But the town where they lived, there were only 2 known options for the boys after completing the High school, either get the Football scholarship for the college & moved out of the town or enter into those deep black Coal mines for their live hood. Thinking about Rocket science is like thinking about screwing own life. When they started with the thing, there was very less information available but then they learned from their mistakes and experiments. During that they did get help from some friends and their teacher. Sometimes their experiments brought troubles for them, with the school, with the authorities and at the end from Family.

The movie depicts how these boys figured out the way out of each trouble. What droved them is belief of believing in themselves and others faith that they can do it. While watching this entire journey, we feel like the part of it, it makes us recall our dreams that we were and are trying to achieve, about the achievements that made our parents and well wishers feel proud of us. This movie is must watch for everybody. :)

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shraddha said...

Seems a good movie. will try to watch it asap...

The conclusion of your blog:
" Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know."

Rightttt??? :-)

btw, your style of writing is quite natural and importantly, very simple which helps me to connect immediately once I started reading.