Monday, July 30, 2007

A Friend Forever ....

A Friend is leaving tomorrow…. To chase her dreams. It’s been almost 7 months since we met each other. When I was kid, my father used to told me, Always adapt good habits, they will return Good & Sweet Fruits in life. One of them is to eat different cuisines at different places. That’s what brought us on the same dinner table. First time I was late for the PEO meet and that delay proved a turning point in my life. The only vacant place on the dinner table was on very same table where S was sitting. That delay gave me a Friend for life :)

We share lots of things, like having similar taste for Food and always ready to explore new food joints. Later we came to know that there is something more which bonds us together, “Movies” and that too off beat cinemas. Next 7 months proved a great time of my life. She became my tutor to many new things right from Rock to Sitcoms. Her blog provided the 360 degree view of her thoughts, approach to life. Solid thought process, Always ready to take on the challenges, while supporting her, keeping her spirit high, even I started looking the things with different views. This ignited the old dream of mine to pursue higher studies in States. The previous delay of 2 years to opt for it, was making to completely forget about it, beside there was no one to guide me. She became my senior and helped me out for the same. Now I need to deliver the promise, which I made to my bro, sis and my friend.

Just a few lines which came to my mind other day….

Clock is ticking faster,
Days are getting over,
A Friend is leaving me alone,
Leaving behind the same pain,
When Soul leaves the body….

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Dagny said...

Umm...well...i dunno what to say
<*damn flattered!!!!*>