Friday, June 22, 2007

Saira Bhair

When I posted my first marathi poem on this blog, most of the friends who read it started asking me lots of questions. All of them were direct or indirect attempts to figure out whether Mannu is in love or on the verge of it. :)

For me, its not neccessary that I should be in any specific phase to understand the situation or express feelings related to it. I am comfortable in getting into someone else shoes to understand What/How she or he is going through, what will be the mental situation of it and then the way out of it. But it seems that, this world believes in Hard Proofs, so I decided to come up with something exactly opposite to my previous poem. This time I tried to figure out how one will be feeling, once he entered into that path of love, which sometime turns into an illusion, whether he will end his journey by cursing to himself or will go on and on to find the destination.

I have very simple philasophy of life,

Everything in Life Has A Beautiful Ending,

If its not beautiful.....

Then Be Sure its Still Not The End.... :)

Now do read this poem called "Sair Bhair" and let me know, what you think :-) Some of you might find it heavily loaded with difficult Marathi words, but I couldn't resist my self from using them....

सैरभैर झालोय मी या वादळात
वाट शोधतोय घरटयाची ॥ध्रु॥

कधी होते मार्ग माझे सरळ,
नव्हते त्या वर कोणते वळण,

एक दिसी मज दिसले ती, भासली मॄगनयनी,
त्या नयनांच्या शोधात, हरवलो या रणात

सैरभैर झालोय मी या वादळात
वाट शोधतोय घरटयाची ॥ध्रु॥

अजाणता होतो मी, ना होती समज भल्या-बुऱ्याची,
गेलो त्या मॄगजळाच्या शोधात, अन हरवलो या रणात

झाला चातक माझा त्या वर्षाराणीपोटी,
आस होती प्रेमाच्या वर्षावाची, पण हरवलो या रणात

सैरभैर झालोय मी या वादळात
वाट शोधतोय घरटयाची ॥ध्रु॥

पण धीर अजून सुटला नाही,
या वेड्या-वाकड्या वळणातूनही मिळेल सरळ मार्ग,

मिळेल मज ला वाट या रणातही,
नेईल ती मला त्या मॄगनयनीपासी

या वाटेवरी असेल ते वॄंदावन,
जेथे मिळेल चातकाला प्रेम-अमॄताचे डोह



Priyatama said...

Hey Manu,

Sahi jamaliy Kavita :)
Keep writing!!

RASHMI said...

hmmm Sahi he ji
tuhi nhaun nigh :)
ani anakhin chan kavita lihit raha

I am said...

5 years in Pune, I still do not understand Marathi. The fault is all mine, I accept it all. PLEASE, can you take out 10 m inutes and type in the 2 translations??? I am waiting.

Manodeep said...

@ Bhawna : Sure dear... Give me some time. If not in poetic english, I will translate the theme in english

Ashish said...

Good one siso....
Mhanje Sadhya full kavita awadayla laglya astil