Friday, August 22, 2008

@Rustic-RIT-Rochester Series : Coincidence

After spending 10 days with my brother and family, finally I headed to my destination Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. When I left India, there were mix feelings, on one side there was pain of leaving my parents, sisters & Priya and at the same time excitement of exploring new horizons, pitches in a completely new world. But after landing to San Francisco and staying with my brother, Rajas, jayrath and bhabhi, I really couldn’t get a time think about all these things.

But on 17th night, when I said bbye to the kids and bhau, it again resurfaced. During that whole journey, I was in a confused state about my decision of getting out of Comfort Zone. First I quit my job @ Symantec then instead of applying & or selecting admits from Universities closer San Francisco, I went with RIT admit which at other side of USA and from my brother.

And then when I take out my Apple iPod (courtesy to Nilesh Mune from Pune), this was the song first song which played on it. Long time back a dear friend of mine, posted this song on blog while leaving from India. At that time, I couldn’t completely understand what that feeling is all about. It took me a year to know the real meaning of it. While listening to it, I slowly came out of that depression and when I opened the Window @ above 8000ft, it started to dawn…. Peace :-)


Dagny said...

Yep. This is the PERRRFECT song that every grad student can relate to, after leaving their comfort zones back home for a whole new grad school life :)

Pri-Priya-Preeti said...

its a new day.. new start!
dearo, have something new in every day(let it be a sweet smile)filled of excitement, fun n determination with studies! >:D<