Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Your Personality

Today in Information System Analysis & Design class, we discussed about the personality types of individuals which will reflect into their work styles and ethics. DISC is one of type of personality test. 

Some of the links for information on DISC and online assesment for the same are given below, do try it. I have yet to take the test.

Another type of personality test is from Keirsey. This is also widely used to test the personality types. US Army uses this type of test in-house. Links for this

Most of the US based companies conduct these tests for their employees. This works as a knowledge base for Higher management to make strategic decisions while assigning responsiblities to the employees.

Those who want to work in US, try your hands on it. If you want the Paper Based Tests (which are free) contact me :-)

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Dagny said...

why are you posting this here?
I thought you had a dedicated blog for this stuff.... didnt you?
Anyhow, happy new year!

We have been exchanging voicemails for a while now... we should talk soon! :)