Friday, January 16, 2009

I used to Blog

There was a time when every weekend I used to scribe something here. Now, i don't know, but things have changed.

It's been months since I have written something good here. Its not the case that, nothing is happening in my life. In fact, it has a changed a lot. 

First time in my life, I experienced the snow-fall, which now a routine. But the first experience was really nice and I could have written something about it. The winter is really bad ( & i mean it) in Rochester. No wonder, why people prefer to live in California. Now waiting for winter too get over. I can't stand to such extreme cold weather and wind chills.

I haven't told you anything about the most important moment of my life. I got married on 29th December with Priya, spend some time with family back in India. And eagerly looking forward for Priya to join me, here in US. Hopefully we will start our married life sooner. Its really hard for her to stay back in India. I had to come back within 5 days of my marriage due to insufficient vacations. (Looser)

My decision to purse Masters studies have created more problems and troubles for my near ones, emotionally as well as financially. I want to get over it as soon as possible. I am now half-way through the Winter quarter and after that 2 more to go. I won't be going for Summer Internship as it will delay my graduation by almost a year. Can't afford to do that, especially when economy is not so good and you are married :-)

Job scene is really bad in US, so i don't know how much time it will take to repay the Loan amount. Things will be easier if I get job in US. Going back to India is always the most preferred option for me and hopefully will get the better pay package there. Next 3-4 months are really crucial to decide the things for next 1-2 years.

Time to log off and start studying :-|


Dagny said...

good to see a new post here...besides the coursework :)
to me it seems like you need another motivation to blog..
remember this:


you sound stressed...
remember.. life is a journey that everyone has to travel... why not face all the hurdles with a smile? (:
-and not let down the faith our near and dear ones have put in us...
jus smile... and that makes things a lot me..
and you know its tough for me to smile than anyone else right now!

Priytama said...


Priytama said...