Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just 4 weeks to go

The winter quarter will over within 4 weeks. So far things are going smoothly in college and overall i should be able to get A's in at least 3 subjects out of 4. The remaining weeks will be busy with projects completion and doing some documentation.

In the coming quarter I have registered for 4 courses which will me with only one course and experience report in summer. If everything goes fine, I will be enjoying my last 3 months @ Rochester (Yeah, I don't want to stay after August 2009). Job scene is still not clear and I am confuse with the track to choose for next 2 years. Going back to the QA profession is something I will always enjoy. But its time to try out something different in career, something which will give me a chance to listen to people, their problems and then trying to solve those problem and streamlining their processes. System or Business Analyst seems lucarative option, only thing is to gain entry in it. There are companies who are hiring students who don't have any prior work experience as analyst. In upcoming career fair will target such companies first.

Before that planning to complete the CSQA certification. Prof. Jack agreeded to provide material and guidance for the same. It's time to get more serious about this certification as it will add some more value to my resume. So now its time start studying :-)

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