Thursday, April 01, 2010

Boiling Frog

My brother introduced me to the world of blogging. Initially I was keen on writing down my experiences but lately due to work load and personal commitments I stopped doing so.

Recent events @ my company shook my little world completely. These events and decisions of top management turned out as Shocking Wake up Call not only for me but to colleagues as well.  This has prompted me to look into my commitments to work life and personal life. It’s important to work smart and hard enough to fulfill management’s expectations but at the same time one should give equal importance to his or her personal happiness and hobbies. I was on path of becoming Boiling Frog, but recent events saved me from being one.

But there are thousands of Boiling Frog out there in Indian IT industry who are blindly following the glamour of IT world. I wish they will also realise sooner in their life that there is life behind IT.

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Dagny said...

Very well written with a nice example. Thanks for this post dearo :) Will surely keep that in mind from now on.