Monday, February 13, 2012

To my love

नव क्षितिजाची नवी आव्हाने,
पार कराया, हवी साथ तुझी !!

या क्षितिजा वरून त्या क्षितिजावर
राज्य कराया, हवी साथ तुझी !!

तुझ्या प्रीतीची, तुझ्या सोबतीची,
जग जिंकाया, हवी साथ तुझी !!

तुझ्यावीन सखे नको साम्राज्य,
आयुष्य जगाया, हवी साथ तुझी !!!

- Manodeep

Happy Valentine Day Dearo!!! 

I was recollecting the memories of our first valentine day together and the onging transitions in life.... These words came in mind and couldn't resist to write them down. I could never imagine how my life would be without you. You have made it lovely. The words of these small poem are dedicated to you my dear.

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