Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fundoo Solutions Series

Today morning while driving to the other end of the city, as usual I got stuck in the traffic jam near Le Meridian. It’s expected to get stuck in that area, but what exasperated me most was The sound of Horns . I failed to understand why people need to blow the horns when there is a traffic jam or it’s a Red Signal. What are they expecting others to do? I mean, even if I am driving a bike, that doesn’t me that It can jump over 10 next cars which are also stuck there. The whole concept of using Horns, especially during traffic jams is beyond my understandings. At that time, one funny solution pop-uped in my mind to crab this increasing habit of using Horns. Actually, we Indian like to suck out the freebies, on the other hand when one has to pay anything for a service, feature and for that matter even love, we easily back off. There lies the secret of solving this problem.

People use horn, because they don’t have to pay for it. So let’s make them to pay for it. Instead of running the horns on battery, let’s convert the way they function, Start Running Them On Fuel & That Too On Extra Drops Of Fuel. :) That will definitely reduce the overall percentage of Sound Pollution in the town, provided people will be smart enough not to waste their money and fuel on something silly stuff like a Horn.


Maitri said...

You rock Manodeep!!

Outsource its QA and Testing to me n Prasad..:)

Anonymous said...

fyi, the battery is getting charged by burning drops of fuel only.