Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Story of 3 Rs……..

Today I will share with you A Story of 3 rs… Before going to that, lets talk about how happening day it was.

Promit is moving out of this city, out of this country to pursue higher education in London and that too @ London School Of Economics, Yes the Prestigious University of Europe. I met him @ Pune Eat Outs meet and soon we became good friends. Before flying he decided to treat to some of his friends in town and My name was there on the invitation card :) . When he asked me for the place in KP Area, there was no option other than Masala Mélange . Earlier I had decided not visit the place at least for next one year without my perfect company. But when he asked about the location, I wasn’t aware that, he will invite me as well :) Only thing which I managed is not to sit on the upper deck :). Anyways, I was talking about Promit’s party. So we had a wonderful lunch and got a chance to meet some real nice people too. Then for the first time in my life, I stepped in side those Cane Doors of German Bakery, it was a long due and that cause lack of 3 Cs – Chance, Courage and Company. This time everything was set and then I had a day of my life. I tried out their Chocolate pudding, A Choco Truffle Cake, Few Cookies and believe me all of them were yummy and not too heavy on pocket as well. Ohh…. How can I forget to mention that funny incident, As most of you know, German Bakery is for all kinds people (provided you have money in pocket, and that’s quite reasonable) right from normal foodies like me and my friends , those Osho followers, lots of tourists, love birds and gays too :P, apparently Paresh saw one over there and then rest of the time he was mimicking him and his actions, that was a real funny part of it.

Even before I can say Good-Bye to Promit, Yogesh called up and reminded the appointment with the Future J Now this is something I can’t share with you people right now. It’s a long way to go for that. Once me, Yogesh, Manisha and Vikram completed the formalities for future plans and Mocha was waiting for us on the next door step. As it was Saturday, the place was overcrowded and as Adil, the ex-manager of Mocha and fellow PEOmate was no longer there, We had to stand in a queue. :- But what follows it was the Casablanca Hookah & a Strawberry Shake. Last time when I visited Mocha, we were sitting in the balcony sipping the Chocolate shake full of cream and that too after having a heavy dinner @ Masala Mélange.

On our way back to home, Manisha asked Yogesh about the Long drive plan. This entire week was too hectic on me, I really wanted to smell fresh air, so I joined them and later Vikram and Chaavi also agreed to come. So here we 5, clock ticking to 7.30 PM and we headed towards the plush roads of Pirngut and Mulshi. It was an action pack drive, switching off the headlights and driving in the dark, O’ you could actually feel the thrill…. By the time I reached back to Home, England was trailing behind by 350 runs and had to score 180 runs more with 3 wickets in hand to save the Follow on.

Once again I ditched the Chetan’s call for a game of pool. Next week I have to find out some time for Pool Game.

Its 3.50AM now. Feeling too sleepy to write anything further. I know that, Story of 3Rs is yet unsaid, but I will definitely bring it to this blog, tomorrow or day after tomorrow… Just a hint to that story is, “Whenever I have such a great day full of fun, the memories of that day comes back to my mind, the cost which I paid for that Wada-Pav. I had a lessoned for my life on that day……”


Priyatama said...

what a day :)
btw is it the story of a sis and bro on devi's temple? Remember that one?

bhawna said...

still waiting for the stroy of 3 Rs.. :)