Saturday, April 08, 2006

Car Driving....

Finally I joined the Car Driving Class. Now don’t start imaging that “Manodeep is going to buy a car”, no its not listed in my 6 months planner. Its just one should know how to drive a Car and have license for the same. Me and Yogesh were planning for it from last 3 months, but when Yogi bought the Car last week ( actually his father bought it, but will that make any difference ;) ) then it became necessary for him to learn, and I too joined him. The progress is Ok, from very first day we started driving instead spending time in Classroom sessions, and we are doing well. Within next one month we both will be Masters.

I yet to get learning license, so driving safe and slow now :).

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Dhule_Ki_Dhul said...

I recommend you start saving for the open top Mercedes Benz :-)