Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Year Of Success

A Year Of Success

Date : April 4, 2005
Venue : PVG’s COET Conference Hall
Event : VOTE-INDIA Press Conference
Inventors : Manodeep Sisodiya
Abhishek Bhalerao
Rajesh Baravkar

What a memorable day it was for me. Finally we were presenting the way to change Indian Election System in turn which will bring political change in country. That was the first press conference which I had attended, and we were addressing the people. Initially there were only few faces, but then as we started our presentation, suddenly within next 20 min.s Reporters, media persons started gathering some of them even not invited ( actually we hadn’t invited the, thinking why would they spend their valuable time for an idea presented by last yr engg. Grads ) But the response was really good.

And as on 5th , the news of VOTE-INDIA started flashing in newspapers like TOI, Sakal and on Each and every news channel of the country like NDTV, Zee News, CNBC and Sone pe Suhaga”BBC World” J . In that week, I received calls from friends with whom I was not in touch for last 4-5 years. It was like Dream Come True.

My father always used to tell us “Kahi Tari Bhavy-Divy Karun Dakhavaa!!! ”( Do something really Big/great? ) . On the second day, papa told me, “Manodeep, you did it”. That was the moment I was waiting for in my life. For me the happiness, a proud of being parents of me which I saw on their face is much more important than whether we get the patent for VOTE-INDIA or not.

I still have those mails, greetings people sent me whom I never met and might not meet in the future. Bhau’s colleagues in Sun Microsystem mailed me, congratulating about the developing such a novel concept. One of my junior’s parents sent a greeting card wishing us a successful career. These things are really special for me.

Date : April 4, 2006

Today, I am working with Ensim Corporation, in a domain where I was dreaming to work. Luckily, Abhishek also got the opportunity to do the things which he wanted to do.

And now we are in final stage of getting intellectual property rights for VOTE INDIA. Things are not so easy at this stage as per as the legal battle is considered but still those not impossible too. It is our dream to have such system implemented in India, and we will try our best for that.

Lets hope for the best…….

PS: In Aug – 04, One well known fortune teller told me that, next 2 years will be difficult for me on educationally as well as financially. And if he is right, then one can expect something really great in coming years ;)

VOTE-INDIA Press Coverage

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