Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Love ???

Two days back, one of my friends asked me whether I have a girlfriend??? This question has been asked many times. People who ask me this question always got surprised by the answer they get.

I have very simple funda in life, there is nothing called “Pahali Nazar Ka Pyaar”. Before you love some one in that sense, you must be aware of her likes/dislikes, hobbies, views on different things. Now one might say that, this is not the way to fall (? Why people use this word, If you love some one then, Instead of FALLING, one should RISE J ) in love, that you can’t planned things like this. Then my answer is this is not planning. I mean irrespective of the answers you get for these questions, what matter is whether the person is honest in answering this questions and in relationships.

Few days back two of my class mates got engaged. I was aware of the fact that they have a special bonding from very the first day I met them. They are made for each other. Now all of us are waiting for their marriage, where there will be lot more fun.

I will definitely like a friend turning into a life partner. Cause according to me, when you care for someone then and then only you can love her. Sometime back one told me that, If I propose someone who knows me, that lucky girl will definitely say “YES”. But then if I am that good, then let her come in search of her soul mate, I am waiting for her, and I will wait… J


bhawna said...

Hey Mandy! Even i say, that the "lucky" girl will say a yes.. my only advice is that instead of waiting, start getting productive.. so that u rise and move ahead at the same time. :D WAT SAY U?

Aniket said...

I strongly dis-agree. There is a thing called Love @ First sight Ask me. I had always believed in this fact, and i had love @first sight. I loved her when i was not even was knowing her name. And see me today, its been 2 and half years since i had married to my sweet wife.