Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last Party Of Cricket Season

Yesterday night we had a last Cricket Party of the season. It was fun having a get together at the end of season. Rajesh Das aka Harsh Bhogale of Ensim, was in full form. He came up with a sort of review of everybody’s performance in the last season, mostly stressing on Positive things and pin pointing where they lack. His wording was bit difficult for we to understand as it wasn’t meant for people like us who’s vocabulary is restricted to not more than 2000 words. But it was really nice to hear the Punch lines and comments. Watching RD performing on the field and listening him off-the-field is really a fun.

“By all standards this years Team Ensim is the best team in Ensim’s cricket history”, said the Founders of Ensim Cricket Team. At very first year there were only 7 players in the team and they were playing not with the stitched ball but with an ordinary Tennis ball. And this year, there were more than 15 regular players and we spent around 60,000. Though we haven’t won any tourney in this season, but we were in the Semifinals and overall it was a good performance.

Next season will be more planned, for which work will start from now only. The toughest thing is to remain fit for the entire season, for which most of the team members are planning to join Health –club, that way we will be in position to avoid the muscular strain, a common problem faced by most of us in this season. If one is physically fit, then his performance will definitely gets improve. Mental fitness is not a problem for we guys, otherwise how can people who are in there 30’s still coming regularly in nets, performing on the field and setting example for youngsters. Most of us have that passion for playing cricket and winning matches and that will not die with the growing age.

We have set some targets for next season. Some personal and some as a Team. You can expect at least one Century by an Ensimite and good bowling figures. Next year we will like to bring Trophy to our premises. There will be some new faces in team and a healthy competition for getting a berth in the squad.

Lets go on improving the standards!!!

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