Thursday, April 12, 2007

Right to Live

Today I was watching a TV program called ‘Hindushtan Mein Taliban”, usually I skip those TV discussions on such topics. But today it caught my attention when I heard some weird explanation from those Pundits of Society, pandits and mullahs about a marriage of Priyanka and Umar. There problem is that, a Hindu girl married to a Muslim boy. What the hell they have to do with a marriage of two human beings? Who gave them right of advocating their opinions, their understanding of religion on masses?

For me, Marriage is a beautiful relationship between a male and female. It’s the point where we enter into a new dimension of life. At this point and in future what matters is they are always there for each other in good moments and bad, they should travel all those ups and downs of life by holding each other hand, supporting each other.

What right, we have to question someone’s relationship or marriage? The representative from a so called Bhagava Dal from Bhopal and one Mullah were talking about the negative impact of their marriage on Society. May I question them about one basic thing – What’s the basic ingredient of society? An individual human being. Now if these people tried to dictate, how an individual should live, whom he should marry, then I think they are hampering the society rather than making it more cultural and strong. If an individual is not happy in a society, how the society will be prospering?

A short story to explain the mentality of a society:
There was a boy, who loved someone from a so called lower class. Both them wanted to get married, but in a boy’s family it was his grandfather who’s decision everybody used to follow.
When the boy told his grandpa, that he is in love with some one and wanted to tie a knot with her, His grandfather re-questioned him, “Who the hell you are to love some one, what’s your age? Look at me, its been 50 years since I married to your grandma, and I haven’t Love her?”

This story very well explains the mentality of our male dominated society who always wants our better halves to take back seat. Why can’t we treat them with equality? Who we are to force rules on them, that whether they should use the mobile phones or not? If someone wants to change his/her religion, as long as it is by will of an individual, we should not bother about.

Even after following the rules and regulations of this nation, If my society is not going to give me Right to live, Right to speech then do hell with such society :x


bhawna said...

well written Mandy, I am glad there is a male like you in the same society of which you have drawn a perfect picture.

the knight said...

gud one siso..
really well written