Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chocolate Story....

Chocolates, the magical word, isn’t it J ? In whichever format we faced it, its always brings the smile on face and taste buds start dreaming of a delicious treat. I think it’s difficult to find someone who hates Chocolates. Everybody likes them, some like its milky taste, some with that extra sugar. What I prefer is a Dark chocolate with just a pinch of sweetness added to it.
In my school days, the kind of chocolates we used to eat where pretty simple one with lots of sugar contents. One of the favorite was Rawalgaon chocolate, costing 25 paise and tasting like a sugar candy. Then after few years came the “Melody”, it was the first time in my life, I tasted the bitter chocolate, and sooner it became everyone’s darling. Those days it was difficult to have them frequently, cause 1Rs per day on chocolate was bit heavy on my Papa’s pocketJ. Then few years passed with no new addition, and one day it all began. Bhau came back from his first US visit and brought almost FEW KGs of chocolates, all of them having different taste, different ingredients. At that time I realize the real meaning of that Playschool song,

Chanderi, Soneri Chamchamata Changala,
Asava Sundar Chocolate cha bungala….

And now a days I can have taste any of them, buy any of them. Few months back Pritu sent another lot which is lasting till date, in fact I am writing this while eating those mouth watering Ferrero Rochers and Hershey’s. I waiting for my next lot of different chocolates which I will be getting in couple of days… If you wanna try them, give me a call after 2-3 weeks. :)


Pritu said...

the photo is cool!
u will get some more soon :)

the knight said...

chocolate's aa gaye kya??
mereko bhi!! :P